Caterpillar removal – City Farming

Pesticides free city farming is very challenging. It is far more difficult to practice when growing in soil. With vertical farming using VAAPS, we make the pest control much easier. You can easily see them and remove them in time.


In this picture, the dropping of the caterpillar is highlighted in red circles and easily identified. Find out how easy to remove them using VAAPS.

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Control aphids with Ladybird – myth or truth

Control aphids with ladybirdt has been widely discussed and talk about. It is an awesome idea and it will help us to achieve pesticides free and non-toxic urban farming . However, how far it is true? How effective it is? Is it practical in all conditions or certain conditions only?


Ladybird larva is known to eat aphids as their food. Thus, it is widely suggested to use ladybird to control aphids. But how far it is effective?

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Urban Permaculture – Collecting Seeds

Loo Urban Farm want to bring good Permaculture practices to the urban cities and build good Urban Permaculture practices in the cities. We want to make farming in the urban cities practical, commercialize-able, sustainable yet eco-friendly and as close to the nature as possible. We want to revolutionize and refine farming especially in the course of urban farming and future farming methodologies.


One of the common practices in Permaculture is to collect and use our own seeds. Why collecting seed become an important part of Permaculture, Urban Permaculture or Urban Farming? We enjoy many benefits for doing so. There are many farmers in the west who have keep their tomatoes seeds for many generations over decades.

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NBOS Competition 2016

Version 2
nbos-certificateIn 2016, we have bring our innovation and initiative to 2 competitions. Our first entry to DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2016 was fail at the selection stage competing with all other participants to represent Malaysia to this International competition. We wasn’t good in writing our competitive edge and also presenting our innovation and initiative. Also, may be having big environmental impact is not the priority. Most of the participants are benefiting disadvantage group. I might be wrong. However, I still believe by empowering more and more homes and communities to grow own food globally will contribute to moderating global warming, reduce farmland used, and improve our health globally.

Our 2nd entry is to NBOS competition. We were lucky this time to get into the finalist. Being very new in such competition and presenting business plan, we learn as we prepare for it. It was a very rush preparation with minimal help and evaluation on the pitch. I rushed to Magic, Cyberjaya with the early flight to make it for the 10.30am pitch slot.

This was the first time I pitch in a competition. I barely know what to expect and how to do it right. I have not seen myself as a champion pitcher. I manage to deliver the pitch in time.  I  answered most of the questions pretty well except one. I think this is the one I least expect and was not well thought of and included in the pitch.

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