Lady Bugs

Guess. Why do I keep this old, unproductive cucumber tree?


The answer is; to keep the habitat for lady bugs to breed and grow its colony.

The last time when I see all these insects on my cucumber tree, I went to kill them one by one with fingers. Very soon, my whole garden of cucumber trees are full of aphids and have to terminate all of cucumber plants. I felt sorry to have killed all my natural echo friends.Continue Reading >>>

Departure Of My Beloved Mother


On this day; 20th Dec 2015, 3am morning, my beloved mother has leave everything behind and make her way to a better place.

It was a long walk in her life. She has been struggling all the life since young till old. Added with stroke 15 years ago. Bed ridden 5 years ago, On cathether and tube feeding 3 years ago. That was such a long, difficult walk.Continue Reading >>>

Composting – My way

Prepare the compose

In the process of clearing grass to prepare for my green house, I was not sure how to handle hips of grass cleared from the land. I then put them all in one empty space and covered them with kanvas. A month later, I found most of the grass has decomposed and there are a lot of earth worms in it. That is very interesting indeed.

Add chicken drops

Based on that experience, I try to improve the method and make my whole process more effecient. I move my chicken barn to a piece of land where I will be planting vegetables a few months later. I cut the grass and through them into the chicken barn. The checken will eat some of the grass. The remaining will dried and start to decompose. As days goes by, chicken drop drops on the grass adding source of N(Nitrogen) to it. As the place has a lot of earthworms, “vermicompsting” started


Continue Reading >>>

Media Features

Checking back my blog here. I found, I have not been writing and updating since last August. For the past 4 months, it has been very challenging. Rushing to complete all the setup and planting areas. Continue research and development on vertical system. Improve on existing design. Design modular home system. Etc, etc. However, I am glad that most if not all these challenges have been overcome to satisfactory level.Continue Reading >>>