Pray Mantis Pest Predator – Urban Agriculture

Ladybugs and Lace Wing are the more commonly talk about pest predator. Have you hear of Pray Mantis pest predator? I have totally forgotten about Pray Mantis pest predator until  recently I found a colony of small pray mantises on my plant. This is very enlightening as I have been looking for more natural and effective predators.Continue Reading >>>

Multiple Harvest Vegetable – Kailan – Urban Farming

Multiple harvest vegetable is vegetable that after cut harvest, its stem will grow again for next harvest. I love to grow multiple harvest vegetable in my HAVA systems. We need to germinate once and enjoy 3 to 5 harvest that will keep on supplying vegetable to my kitchen for 4 to 6 months without replanting.Continue Reading >>>

Simple Composting At Home – Reuse Reduce Recycle

Let’s look at how to do simple composting at home. Composting can be done am many ways. Some is simple, some takes a long time to complete, some need to purchase equipment and material. I have tried many type of composting at home and found burial composting is the simplest and effective. We can do it at our backyard anytime.

At my home, I have 2 separate waste bins. One for non compost-able waste like plastic bags, bottle, rubber, strings, paper etc. The other one is for food waste; like vegetables, fruits peels, egg shells, food remains, etc.



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