Pray Mantis Pest Predator – Urban Agriculture

Ladybugs and Lace Wing are the more commonly talk about pest predator. Have you hear of Pray Mantis pest predator? I have totally forgotten about Pray Mantis pest predator until  recently I found a colony of small pray mantises on my plant. This is very enlightening as I have been looking for more natural and effective predators.Continue Reading >>>

Multiple Harvest Vegetable – Kailan – Urban Farming

Multiple harvest vegetable is vegetable that after cut harvest, its stem will grow again for next harvest. I love to grow multiple harvest vegetable in my HAVA systems. We need to germinate once and enjoy 3 to 5 harvest that will keep on supplying vegetable to my kitchen for 4 to 6 months without replanting.Continue Reading >>>

Simple Composting At Home – Reuse Reduce Recycle

Let’s look at how to do simple composting at home. Composting can be done am many ways. Some is simple, some takes a long time to complete, some need to purchase equipment and material. I have tried many type of composting at home and found burial composting is the simplest and effective. We can do it at our backyard anytime.

At my home, I have 2 separate waste bins. One for non compost-able waste like plastic bags, bottle, rubber, strings, paper etc. The other one is for food waste; like vegetables, fruits peels, egg shells, food remains, etc.



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Caterpillar removal – City Farming

Pesticides free city farming is very challenging. It is far more difficult to practice when growing in soil. With vertical farming using VAAPS, we make the pest control much easier. You can easily see them and remove them in time.


In this picture, the dropping of the caterpillar is highlighted in red circles and easily identified. Find out how easy to remove them using VAAPS.

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