Caterpillar removal – City Farming

Pesticides free city farming is very challenging. It is far more difficult to practice when growing in soil. With vertical farming using VAAPS, we make the pest control much easier. You can easily see them and remove them in time.


In this picture, the dropping of the caterpillar is highlighted in red circles and easily identified. Find out how easy to remove them using VAAPS.

Growing fresh and healthy food in the urban cities is not easy. We don’t have a large space to grow them. Even we do have the space to grow them, we are always discourage by pest infection.

One of the most destructive pest is caterpillars. Caterpillar is the ugly “face” of beautiful butterfly or moth. It come in many color and outlook. Our green juicy vegetable is their favorite food. And Yes, they eat very fast and grow very fast. When their number is big, they can eat up all your green leaves over night! At the same time, they camouflage, and very hard to find them hiding in between leaves and under the leaves.

Using our VAAPS planting system, we designed and grow the plants in individual planting cup. As each of the cup is well distanced and clearly apart, all insect infections are naturally “isolated”.


Being vertical up, it is clean and the pest have very little room to hide from us. As all the plants are well aligned and can be examine one by one; leaf by leaf. So, we can perform regular checking on each of the plant easily and remove the pest in the very early stage to reduce the damage. When we can easily and regularly remove pest from the plants, we can avoid using toxic and unhealthy pesticides.

Using VAAPS, you can enjoy growing your own fresh and healthy food without pesticides anywhere.