Composting – My way

Prepare the compose

In the process of clearing grass to prepare for my green house, I was not sure how to handle hips of grass cleared from the land. I then put them all in one empty space and covered them with kanvas. A month later, I found most of the grass has decomposed and there are a lot of earth worms in it. That is very interesting indeed.

Add chicken drops

Based on that experience, I try to improve the method and make my whole process more effecient. I move my chicken barn to a piece of land where I will be planting vegetables a few months later. I cut the grass and through them into the chicken barn. The checken will eat some of the grass. The remaining will dried and start to decompose. As days goes by, chicken drop drops on the grass adding source of N(Nitrogen) to it. As the place has a lot of earthworms, “vermicompsting” started


After 2 to 3 months the grass has been decomposed. I move the barn to a new location for the next composting process.

Add food waste and goats drops

I dig the soil and put some food waste and dried goats drops. I then add enyzm on them. Mix them well and cover it with soil. I believe, by the time my plant’s roots reach the layer where goats drops, it is well decomposed. There for it will be just nice to furtile the plants.



Plant my Japanese pumpkin

This small piece of land is now ready for planting. I have planted some Japanese pumpkin on it today. I will update this status from time to time and see how well the plants grow.