What is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a very sustainable farming method where it combines aquaculture and hydroponics as a symbiosis system.

Discharge from fish in the form of Ammonia (NH4) and Nitrite (NO2) are converted by bacteria to natural organic fertilizer to plant. Plant absorb the nutrients and clean the water which circulated back to fish tank in a close loop.

Aquaponics addressed the problem of hydroponic where chemical nutrients are usually needed to grow the plants. In aquaponics, the use of chemical nutrients is no needed as the fish become the constant supply of nutrients to the plants.

Aquaponics also address the problem of aquaculture where fish water need to changed regularly to avoid fish being poison and die. Plants absorb the waste and clean the water, return water back to fish tank.

That make aquaponics a very much preferred farming method. It has attracted interest and attention worldwide. It is also very healthy farming method where pesticide is not being used for the plants and antibiotics is not used for the fish making the produces most healthy and safe to consume.

How does Loo Urban Farm deal with pests?

Loo Urban Farm in a integrated farm where urban permaculture concepts are being practiced along with modern innovation and design. We have a part of our produces are planted on soil, the rest built on aquaponics system.

On the soil farming, we work to achieve eco balances where insects or pest existence is balanced by their natural predators. We strive to manage the infection to minimal rather than eradicate them completely. We believe in natural eco balances.

We also make garbage enzyme and use it as repellents as well micro nutrients supplements to plants.

Neem oil is use as our measure to minimize pest attacks.

Netting house is used to protect our green leafs from butterfly, grasshoppers and other flying insects.

The bulk of pests are soil born. When aquaponics is soiless base, we have single out the bulk of soil born pests leaving only minimal treats to deal with.

We also keep some roosters and chicken in our farm. Chicken also help us to reduce a number of pests affecting plants.

Together, we achieve growing plants without any harmful pesticides.

Does Loo Urban Farm sell your farm produces?

Loo Urban Farm started as a community farm to serve local communities with freshly pluck vegetables and live catch of fish from the tank. Therefore, at Loo Urban Farm, you get top quality farm produces free of pesticide and antibiotic at reasonable price. We usually open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm. However, we would advise you to make appointment first to avoid disappointment.

Do you do delivery of farm produces?

We don’t do delivery for fresh produces at the moment. However, we do ship dried produces like herbal teas and dried vegetables. Kindly visit our online store to order.

I am interested in aquaponics and would like to do it at my home. How do I go about?

We do have a wide range of aquaponics planting system for sales. You can order these system that fits into your compound and your budget.

We also customize system based on the size of your garden and compound. Do talk to us to discuss your needs.

For large scale commercial investor, we provide design, build and consultancy services.

Do you teach people how to build their own aquaponics system?

Yes, we do run aquaponics workshop for beginner and commercial aquaponics from time to time.  Please refer to our workshop schedule and register accordingly.

We also conduct customized aquponics workshop for small group on case to case basis.

We do provide special workshop to under privilege groups and special needs children to teach them how to do sustainable farming. If you have such need, kindly talk to us.

I want to start building my aquaponics system. Do you sell the components needed to build the system?

Yes, we do. We are an stop aquaponics supply center. We supply tank, grow bed, racks, LECA balls, water pump, seeds and other accessories. Discuss with us you need, we will try our best to help.