Lady Bugs

Guess. Why do I keep this old, unproductive cucumber tree?


The answer is; to keep the habitat for lady bugs to breed and grow its colony.

The last time when I see all these insects on my cucumber tree, I went to kill them one by one with fingers. Very soon, my whole garden of cucumber trees are full of aphids and have to terminate all of cucumber plants. I felt sorry to have killed all my natural echo friends.


After done some research only I found all these insect I perceived as pest are actually all my friends that I was trying to breed them. Unfortunately, with shallow knowledge about them, I killed all their larvae.

Learning the last lesson, I let them live this time and see how much they breed and how fast the breed. At the same time, I also wanted to see who dominate the situation on this tree.


After a few weeks, I see so many of them around on the tree. Surprisingly, the spread of aphids on this tree is under control. There are still aphids on it, but very much in small colonies.




I still have aphids attack on other plants and it is getting more and more. I wanted to see if this lady bugs will continue to breed fast and keep them under control.

Updates on 1st Feb 2016

Almost all the lavae on the cucumber tree have turned into ladybugs. Now, I have many lady bugs in my netting house.

I am steering my “army” to  “a battle” between aphids, ladybugs and me. Who will win? I don’t have the answer yet. I hope ladybugs will win, which translate to my victory and a step further into urban permaculture development.


Look at the number of aphids on the leaves. Comparetively, I have only a few of ladybugs. It is definately out numbered. I am a little worry. However, the ladybugs are fighting on very hard.