Making Eco Enzyme


Multi-purpose eco enzyme is green, safe and all natural. I heard we can use it as detergent for laundry and dish washing, household bleaching and cleaning liquid, pest control to drive away insects and natural fertilizer to improve the soil, etc. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent, yet non-toxic and can tremendously reduce global pollution. Therefore, I’m going to start doing eco enzyme for my non-toxic and pesticide-free cultivation.

Only 5 Simple Steps for Homemade Eco Enzyme

  1. Kitchen waste. You can use a lot of different things such as leftover fruit and vegetable peel, fish, etc.post_10_2
  2. Sugar. You can use brown sugar or molasses. The brown sugar cost is more expensive. 1kg of brown sugar range from RM3 to RM4. Molasses is much cheaper. Molasses is the byproduct when refining sugar, with 40% – 50% ofresidual sugar, used mostly as animal feed. However, the processed “organic” molasses can be very expensive.post_10_4
  3. Water.post_10_6
  4. Container.
  5. Time – 3 Months.post_10_9

The Methods:

The ratio of sugar, kitchen waste, and water is 1: 3:10. Meaning that with 1kg of sugar plus 3kg of kitchen waste plus 10 litres of water poured into the container to go. Cover up. Three months later, it can be used.

Different people have different opinions on the ratio. The above ratio is the basis that most people use. One veteran said, sugar is very crucial, can’t go less in making the enzyme. He made his enzyme for farming, and it is ready in a month. So, if there is someone to give you a different ratio, by all means give it a try. You can adjust the proportion based on personal experience.

In this three-month period, if you are using an airtight container, you must open the cover frequently to let the accumulated air flow out; then put the cover back. There will be more accumulated air in the first month, and will slowly reduce.

Your enzymes should not be infested with vermin and should not stink (unless you are using meat). If infested by vermin, try to crush a few sticks of citronella and put it in the container, it should help to keep them away.

Yesterday, I made 5 barrels of eco enzymes. 3 months later I should have my eco enzyme ready for use.

Magic of Enzyme – First Experience:

Magic of enzyme. First experience on my own wounds. It is great! No inflammation, no pain. Dry but no cracking pain. 8 days record.