Simple Composting At Home – Reuse Reduce Recycle

Let’s look at how to do simple composting at home. Composting can be done am many ways. Some is simple, some takes a long time to complete, some need to purchase equipment and material. I have tried many type of composting at home and found burial composting is the simplest and effective. We can do it at our backyard anytime.

At my home, I have 2 separate waste bins. One for non compost-able waste like plastic bags, bottle, rubber, strings, paper etc. The other one is for food waste; like vegetables, fruits peels, egg shells, food remains, etc.



Every 2 to 3 days, I will dig a hole in my backyard, and bury the compost-able waste into the hole. Cover it up and that it. Simple and nice. Inside the soil, there are millions of bacteria start to break down the waste at the speed you can’t imagine. The soil has the moist suitable for them to grow and breakdown the waste. When the waste being breakdown, it become natural organic fertilizers to your backyard.





I will take turn to dig different location every time. After running out of new location, I will start from the first location again.

It depends on what we buried. Some items like chicken shell does not decompose so fast. So, by the time we dig the same place again, there are some item that has not fully decompose yet. That is perfectly ok.  It will slowly gets decomposed over time.

A few things to note when doing composting at home. If you have dogs or cats release freely in your backyard, they may dig up the waste you have burred especially if there is meat and fish residual. To avoid this from happening, I would suggest you place some heavy stuff on top of newly burred hole. May be some bricks, tiles, buckets etc.

Happy composting at home.