Spiders are important agent is urban permaculture setup.

As part of my research to create an Urban Permaculture farm, I have included long legged spiders in my netting house.


I found this in my farm. I couldn’t find the correct name for this species yet. Should you happened to know them, kindly update me.

They have been breeding pretty fast and the numbers are getting larger and larger. Look at their eggs in the string.


Since their numbers gets larger, the flying insects in my netting house has reduce significantly. But I just hoping that they are not a predator to my lady bugs. So far, I have not seen any incident where the lady bug is being captured and eaten by them. Having these 2 natural predators co-exist is very important in my effort to build a balanced eco-system in my farm.




This spiders seems to be more active at night then in the hot sunny day. Every morning, I see more webs hanging above my grow bed. When the sun rise to the top, they usually hide under shades and wait for their preys.